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Get smarter, improve memory, improve focus and build resilience
with the best brain training apps and evidence based cognitive training.

Full scale IQ, applied intelligence, gX training, brain health and resilience.

Neurohacking to reprogram your brain and get smarter.

GOALS TO ATTAIN & Problems To Solve

The circuitry of your brain is neuroplastic: you can rewire it with evidence-based brain training


Increase your IQ to 10-20 IQ points. Try for Mensa standard: 130+


Faster, more productive and innovative college or work performance.


Developing cognitive resilience, focus and effectiveness under pressure.


Counter cognitive aging, mental health issues, attention disorders or brain-injury disorders.


Preparing for a cognitive challenge: a test, interview, course or training.


Track your progress with valid IQ and cognitive performance & resilience tests.

IQ Mindware's Cognitive Training Services

eBooks, tutorials & app recommendations for targeted cognitive functions

Full Scale IQ

Train the underlying factors of full-scale psychometric IQ: fluid reasoning (Gf), working memory (Gwm), visuospatial ability (Gv), processing speed (Gs), comprehension-knowledge (Gc).
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IQ In Action

Train problem solving, decision-making, comprehension, accelerated learning, strategizing, creativity. Increase your cognitive capital, boost productivity.
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Brain X-Training

Combine computerized cognitive training with exercise, sleep, brain nutrition, nootropics, meditation, biofeedback, HRV training, intermittent fasting, hormesis.
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Brain Health

Cognitive interventions for stress, burn-out, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Manage episodes, build resilience and promote well-being using clinically attested apps.
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IQ Mindware Core Training Apps

IQ Mindware’s evidence-based cognitive training & tracking bundles



The classic Jaeggi dual n-back and Schweizer emotional dual n-back in a multi-platform (desktop and mobile – iOS and Android) package. More…

i3 Mindware

Working memory (dual n-back), attention control (input & output gating) and IQ test training, designed to increase full-scale IQ 10-20 points. More…


Gated dual n-back with working memory & attention control training with ‘IQ in action’ tutorials for increasing applied IQ & cognitive capital. More…


Attention control and focus training app based on a closed loop neurofeedback intervention developed at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. More…

Developed by Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D.

Cognitive neuroscience Ph.D. from the Center of the Neural Basis of Cognition (Carnegie Mellon/University of Pittsburgh). Previous researcher and Lecturer at Cambridge University, UK.

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