They look similar. Which app should I choose?

If you are new to brain training and want to increase general IQ, problem solving and decision-making skills, we recommend you start with HighIQPro. You can always upgrade later.

If you have already confirmed a high baseline IQ level recently (e.g. 115 or higher) or are confident in your cognitive performance level, and have an interest in full-scale IQ brain teasers, we recommend i3 Mindware.

If you are already have trained with the dual n-back or other brain training providers and are looking for a state-of-the-art technical brain training tool with multiple options, we recommend i9.

If you want to max out with your brain training, you can get the i3 + i9 bundle.


Is there an IQ Mindware iPhone / iPad app?

Yes, our company Mindware Lab has just released this – www.iq-hit.com. Visit this site for the iPhone / iPad.


Can multiple profiles be created with one license?

Yes, multiple user profiles can be created with one license, and there is no subscription fee. The license fee gives you unlimited training. However the license is for just one computer. If you want a multi-license for multiple computers (e.g. one at home and one at work), e-mail us to get the download link for this. There is an additional $10 for a multi-license.


How does the IQ increase guarantee work?

You get access to independent, standardized IQ tests before and after training. The tests can be taken in either order – you choose. Take a screenshot of your pre-training results, and your post-training results, and if you do not get a 10-20 point IQ increase you will be reimbursed the cost of a single license via PayPal.


Do I get access to valid, standardized IQ and psychological tests?

Yes – you get access to scientifically valid tests to track your training gains for IQ, working memory, decision-making, cognitive resilience, EQ, anxiety, depression and burnout.


How does the brain training work?

20 minutes of the brain training game per session x 20 days spaced over 1-2 months (6-8 hours total training time) results in long term neuroplasticity changes that explain the cognitive gains in IQ, working memory, emotion regulation and so on.

These neuroplasticity effects are shown in this infographic.


IQ MIndware Apps to Increase IQ

How does IQ Mindware differ from Lumosity?

IQ Mindware apps are scientific applications that take a commitment of approximately 4-6 weeks of training to attain real gains in IQ, resilience, and brain health. These gains are objectively measurable through independent psychometric tests.  Lumosity does not require the training commitment for long-term neuroplasticity change or provide independent IQ, etc, tests to measure gains from training.

A comparison of IQ Mindware vs Lumosity training gains is shown in this infographic.

Lumosity vs IQ Mindware


What about age? Can I use this app if I’m a child? Is this brain training effective for 50/60+?

The app is designed for age 16+. It is not recommended for younger children.

The app can be used effectively for brain fitness for over 50s – with widespread benefits reported in the literature – as reviewed here.


Are the brain training gains real and enduring or just a placebo effect?

Some well-known companies using misleading advertising and designing games that are engaging to play as games but which don’t result in long-term neuroplasticity change and real cognitive benefits. IQ Mindware apps are tightly constrained by the science to ensure that there is real neuroplasticity change and benefits to your cognitive performance and resilience. Our training results in long term changes in fronto-parietal networks that underlie higher cognition.

A component of IQ is working memory – the capacity of your ‘mental workspace’ –  and we guarantee substantial working memory gains from 20 days of training, 20 minutes per day. The evidence for this is clear and is reviewed in this article in our research blog HRP Lab.org

There is also good evidence that training can result in fluid reasoning IQ test gains (e.g. Raven’s Matrices). This is reviewed here.


“Taken together, it is becoming very clear to us that training on WM with the goal of trying to increase fluid intelligence (IQ) holds much promise.” Au et al., 2015


The gains for standard dual n-back training based on meta-analyses of all available well-designed studies indicate – on the lowest estimates – a 3-4 point increase on a fluid intelligence (IQ) test. But the latest meta-analysis argues that with optimization, this IQ gain could be increased.


“we expect that the results reported in this meta-analysis represent a low-end estimate of the true extent of improvement that n-back training can have on measures of fluid intelligence (IQ)” Au et al., 2015


With our ‘second generation’ n-back apps we predict a 1o+ point IQ increase on independent IQ tests.

There is also good evidence for widespread training benefits for emotion regulation, and effectiveness in treating depression, anxiety and burnout. This is reviewed here.