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Increase IQ with brain cross training and brain training apps.


Does Lumosity Work? 2015 Lumosity Study

Today I’ll be reviewing Lumosity’s comprehensive scientific study into the effectiveness of its brain training programs for the general population. The study was published in Sept 2015 in PLoS One (full paper here). The Lumosity study The study can’t be faulted for the number of participants in the study – what is referred to technically as its statistical […]

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Increasing IQ with Cognitive Training Review

Computerized Cognitive Training Generally what we mean by ‘brain training’ is computerized cognitive training (CCT) – apps usually designed to improve your attention, processing speed, memory, reasoning and so on. Here I shall be reviewing what is known about the effectiveness of this kind of training for cognitive performance. Cognitive Performance Cognitive performance is defined as […]

The Bell Curve And Cognitive Elites

While the average IQ of all college graduates in the country has barely changed (from 111 to 113), the average IQ of Ivy League college graduates has shot up from 120 to 142.

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What Is IQ and Why Is It Desirable?

What is IQ? What is general intelligence? Why is IQ valued? Advantages of a high IQ in the knowledge economy and other considerations.

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Comprehensive 2014 Meta-Study Proves IQ Increase From Dual N-Back Training

IQ increase from dual n-back training have been demonstrated by a comprehensive 2014 meta-analysis of all the n-back studies since 2008.

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EQPro – Emotional Dual N-Back Science : How Does It Work?

The emotional dual n-back is working memory training exercise. It modifies the standard dual n-back by using emotional content in place of neutral stimuli.


Intelligence Augmentation: Biohacking and Mindhacking IQ

Intelligence Augmentation (IA) technologies reviewed. Biohacking and brain prosthetics.


How to Increase IQ? Working Memory Training, Smart Drugs and tDCS Reviewed

How to increase IQ? This article reviews the 3 most effective IQ-increasing interventions with a scientific basis: the n-back (working memory) brain training, smart drugs, tDCS (cortical stimulation).

High Performance In The Zone: IQ and Skill Learning

Practice alone doesn’t make perfect. Practice and IQ makes perfect! IQ predicts quite a bit about performance. Increase your IQ and you can increase the performance levels of your well-practiced skills.

IQ Wealth and Cognitive Elites: What Does IQ Mean For Income?

In the US, UK, Australia, Europe and other western countries, assuming an average population IQ of 100, the data indicates that those individuals with a 130 IQ – putting you in the top 2.3% of the population – are powerful wealth creators. An IQ of 125 puts you in the top 5% – a member of your society’s cognitive elite!