Increase IQ by 10-20 points on standardized IQ tests

We are the only company that guarantees that you increase your IQ by 10-20 points in 20 days on independent standardized IQ tests. We provide optional pre- and post-training online IQ tests to objectively measure your IQ increase. If you don’t make the guaranteed IQ increase we will reimburse you immediately.  We also guarantee a 50% increase in short term memory on valid tests.  For details of our money-back guarantees click here.

Innovative 2G brain training

 Popular commercial ‘brain training’ games are claimed to improve general brain functioning and performance – whether IQ, focus, problem solving, memory or processing speed. Extensive scientific studies repeatedly show these online games do not work beyond practice effects that are specific to the game (Nature review here).

HighIQPro  builds on the only type of brain training that has scientific credibility – working memory training such as the dual n-back. But research shows dual n-back training has serious limitations with inconsistent transfer to IQ gains. Recent research shows the critical factor linking working memory with IQ is interference control - the ability to filter out distracting information that attracts your attention. Interference control is built into HighIQPro’s 2nd generation (2G) brain training method – unlike other n-back games.

 The elements of HighIQPro’s innovative 2G brain training are explained here:

1. Interference control

Studies from 2011-2014 reveal the link between working memory and intelligence (IQ) is in interference control – the ability to filter out distracting information that captures your attention. Standard n-back games do not  have ‘interference level’ options, which helps explain the mixed results for IQ gains from standard dual n-back training. HighIQPro allows you to increase the amount of interference. This transfers directly to gains in IQ. Click for the science

2. Speed & rhythm

During standard dual n-back training, while you keep track of the updating letters and squares,  sensory areas of your brain go into an electrical rhythm that matches the rhythm of the stimuli. The n-back stimuli drive the cortex rhythmically which helps you process information more efficiently. 2G brain training  allows you to  increase the speed and change the rhythm of the n-back stimuli, training attention, multi-tasking & processing speed. Click for the science.

3. Mindware: Problem solving strategy tutorials

Your working memory capacity underlies your ability to learn and absorb problem solving and decision-making skills and strategies. HighIQPro combines working memory training with optional brainteasers and online tutorials to absorb these skills and strategies (‘mindware’). This results in a capacity-strategy synergy effect that boosts overall problem solving ability. Specific focus is also given to Raven’s matrices test training, and the kind of aptitude test problems used by employers. 

Game-playing incentives & motivators

HighIQPro has motivating incentives to ensure that you complete your 20 day program and attain your desired IQ increase. These include a ‘top scorer’ leaderboards, money back prizes for each quarter and game-like audio and scoring incentives. The control you have over multiple training options also ensures the task never gets boring, and you can continue to improve beyond the 20 days.


Just completed this fluid test Serebriakoff Advanced Culture Fair Test (that was standardized on Mensa members) got a score of 25 which equates to IQ of 138, so your training does what it says on the tin. Thought I would include it for other members of HighIQPro. Many thanks. Paul..


The training has resulted in strong improvements in my reasoning, problem solving ability and short term memory. I feel much more focused and my IQ increased 14 points over 4 weeks.

Monica Hanson

I’m an air traffic controller for the FAA and since I’ve started using your software, I have noticed considerable improvements in my mental acuity while working. I will be transferring to a higher volume facility within several months and would like as much of an advantage during a 3 year intense training to succeed overall and possible promotion. 




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