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Mark-Ashton-Smith-PhDMy name is Mark Ashton Smith and my current work focuses on brain training R&D, mind-body performance & resilience, self-quantification, and making cognitive neuroscience tools and paradigms widely available to improve people’s lives. My current scientific research program HRP Lab- can be found here.

I am actively involved in ongoing collaborations with a number of university researchers around the world who are in the field of cognitive neuroscience and cognitive training.

I got my Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and neuroscience from the joint Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh University Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) program.


CNBC and Cambridge University

For a number of years I was a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the Experimental Psychology Department at the University of Cambridge, England, and it was during this period that the basic principles shown below were conceived.




IQ Mindware

IQ Mindware’s mission is about helping individuals improve mind-body fitness, performance & resilience.

We achieve this goal through:

(1) evidence-based brain training apps that target core brain systems – such as control networks – and result in high-impact neuroplasticity change

(2) brain cross training strategies such as exercise, nootropics, neurofeedback and meditation that combine with brain training for both physical and brain fitness synergies 

(3) scientifically valid, standardized tests to track IQ, cognitive performance, fitness and resilience

(4) digested research reviews and scientific insights, tracking the science from month to month, so you can understand exactly why we develop the interventions we do, and why they work 



IQ Augmentation - Free eBooks

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Intermittent fasting, nootropics, HIITs, computer-based training, meditation, neurofeedback, etc.