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Apps & Strategies To Increase IQ & Working Memory

IQ, EQ & Working Memory Brain Training Apps

High end IQ brain training for cognitive performance, Mensa, entrance exams, and career tests.
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Increase EQ – improve emotion regulation and resilience to stress, anxiety & depression.
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Increase fluid intelligence – for effective problem solving, decision making, flexibility & creativity.
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Cognitive skills measures for cognitive profiling. Self quantification for before & after brain training.
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Expand Working Memory, Increase IQ

IQ Mindware apps are for (a) increasing IQ, (b) expanding working memory, (c) self-quantification & cog profiling.
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IQ Mindware apps are designed to increase your IQ. Our mission is to increase your general intelligence level.
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IQ Mindware apps are designed to improve your working memory capacity and higher order cognitive skills (HOCS).
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Meta-reviewed current science with self- quantification & valid cognitive profiling.
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IQ Mindware’s Brain Training Apps to Increase IQ & WM

IQ Mindware’s brain training apps to increase IQ, EQ, working memory & brain health 


Support Your IQ, EQ & WM Training with Brain Cross Training

Meditation works synergistically with exercise, fasting & cognitive training.
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Exercise activates vitagenes, tapping the biochemical hormesis response.
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Intermittent fasting is a powerful intervention to activate vitagenes & hormesis.
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Brainfoods & phyto-chemicals can help promote brain fitness & augment IQ.
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