“Resilience and performance form a sliding continuum - the more resilient your brain under pressure, the more you can optimize your IQ and cognitive performance and the less susceptible you are to burnout, anxiety or depression.”
Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D.
- Director, HRP Lab

Why IQ Mindware?

IQ Mindware brain training programs are designed to substantially improve IQ and EQ in potentially high stress environments in a way that is measurable as well as motivating.

Health, Resilience, Performance (HRP)

Improve brain performance – IQ, memory, focus, flexibility, decision-making and EQ. And build resilience against stress, anxiety and burnout.

Gamified science – proven effectiveness

The apps and interventions are first extensively developed within cognitive neuroscience labs and then gamified for practical, effective usability.

Valid pre/post training HRP measures

Measure your IQ, EQ, resilience and brain health on quick, standardized, and scientifically valid tests – before and after training.

Individuals, health care, public & private sectors

Customized programs for both individuals wanting improved cognition and organizations wanting measurable ‘cognitive capital’ benefits.

Learn more about the IQ Increase Challenge

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